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dave bayley/glass animals, me and my various friends, family members, and acquaintances. and you!


an arg dedicated to finding references to other songs they've been putting in their music


ok well there are the clues that are actually in the songs like the lyrics, melody, production, etc. i dont know i just learned about music for this. then there's stuff like the websites there are the interviews. the music videos. social media posts. dave bayley has been vandalizing multiple wikipedia articles (both actual wikipedia and various fandom wikis) and lyric sites. there's a secret genius account. they used their recs playlist once. i think thats it.


they've been doing the references since zaba at the very least. i want to say the arg started with htbahb but that could be because i havent looked into zaba like, at all.




i imagine the references were put in the songs bc its fun to reference things. technically the arg is supposed to be a statement on how music can mean different things to different people and they're all #valid which is cool and true but considering there are a million other, significantly easier ways to get this message out there ive decided to interpret all of this as the actions of a man struggling with the internal conflict of believing that there is no one true meaning of art and being absolutely fucking desperate for someone to finally realize that chuck rogers' auto-reply is a reference to the lead single off taylor swift's pop debut 1989 "shake it off". which is fine! he worked very hard on that website, which exists for the sole purpose of making a taylor swift reference.

i'm a member or associate of glass animals. how can i repay you for your efforts

great question! i want to do acid with you so fucking bad. Ive thought extremely hard about what i would ask for and this is what ive landed on. americans are allowed in the uk and i know at least two of you have US citizenship please smoke me the fuck out i am begging you. This is obviously a joke i would never commit a crime or consume an illicit substance. Glass animals if you're reading this lets continue the banter in my dms.