this could be a thing? maybe?

detroit red wings jersey

the first nhl ea game was released in 1992, the owner of the 35 jersey at the time was Bob Essensa, who now lives in Oxford, Michigan with his wife and kids. according to the wiki page for it, "The village calls itself sister city to Oxford, England." which is where dave moved when he was 13 and where the band was founded. shout out to all the users in the red wings subreddit who interrogated a photo of dave wearing one of their jerseys. especially the british guy in his early 30s who went into a very detailed anecdote about how he became a fan of the red wings via the PAL version of ea's nhl.

s2e3 may be a reference to robocop by kanye. robocop (the movie) is set in detroit and the unreleased music video for the song was inspired by video games. if im right that would explain why the jersey would be a reference to a video game.

also eminem is from here and tangerine is a reference to white america.

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R necklace

"there was a review in a big publication we got early on that said i was ‘too effeminate’ because of the way I sang"

It may be the 20th anniversary of Britpop's peak coming up, but the laddish indie rocker is still being supplanted by the brainy, effete variety. Actually, effete is unfair. There is a certain prissy decorousness to some of their music.”

Thursday's new band: R.

Thursday's new band: Ruen Brothers.

Is It Raining in Your Mouth? The Fat White Family

Fat White Family – Is It Raining In Your Mouth? Lyrics

Black Hole Sun Soundgarden

Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain

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